James Guill can be a manager of brand marketing, with practical experience handling global groups and multi-million-dollar campaigns. His heritage in brand strategy, visual layout, and consideration direction educate his conscious however competitive approach. James Guill is fueled by his own passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural advertising. She believes herself ‘for ever student,’ excited to both build onto his academic foundations in psychology and sociology and keep in tune with the most recent digital marketing and advertising strategies during continuing internship.

His desire for knowledge and determination to turn information into activity has led to his most recent victory in GoWin team, where she headed worldwide, award-winning campaigns for heavy-hitting brand names, such as Danske Bank, Tempest,  along with Omega. Meanwhile, she vastly improved the productivity of his group from executing tactical project management procedures and ensuring that a work-life harmony for his department.
James Guill considers mindfulness in the workplace is critical to success – a tenet she resides out during his passions in yoga, meditation, gardening, and painting. James Guill is now working as a self-employed marketing manager and so is always interested in a struggle.

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